Windows Store Not Opening With Error Code 1

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Windows Store Not Opening : This is a recently updated issue with Windows store error code 1. The error code 1 is found on Windows 10 Store and it looks like the below.

Something unexpected happened windows store error code 1

Windows Store error code 1 and store not opening is due to the following reasons:-

  1. It can be a network related issue.
  2. A security program blocking this store app
  3. User profile corruption.
  4. Pending updates on the store
  5. Windows Store app corruption.
  6. Malware issues or spyware issues.
  7. Virus in your computer.
  8. Last store app download pending.

How to fix Windows Store not opening related Problems?

We have to follow the following troubleshooting steps to fix the malfunctioning Windows store app..

Windows Store Reset

The basic steps one can use here is to run few commands in administrator mode to fix the store app.

WSReset.exe is a direct command which can be executed to reset or restore the health of Windows Store.

This is available since the launch of Windows 8.1, this is a troubleshooting diagnostic tool which can reset with out changing the user settings and installed programs. In some cases, there will be a red x on the top right corner fo the store apps which needs to be reinstalled.

Windows Store Blocked by a Security Program

In general,If a Windows store not opening, it can also be an issue with antivirus, An antivirus can block many program which takes access to internet. A store is a common internet based application itself to download the latest metro apps available on Windows 10.


Another basic level command is to scan and repair Windows file corruption using SFC SCAN as mentioned below.

  1. Open the command prompt with elevated permissions of an Administrator
  2. Type as “SFC /SCANNOW” and hit enter

This scan can detect and fix the common system file related issues. In case of corrupted files found on your computer and seeing a message that says unable to resolve all of them denotes a pending unresolved issue.

It is required to execute advanced DISM command lines to repair your system file corruptions. In case, if this level of repair fails to work, it is best to connect with a Technician for other advises on Windows Store corruption fix.

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