[Solutions] for Unlicensed Product Issues from Office

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An unlicensed product message appears on an Office program like word, excel, or outlook.

It is a very annoying message if see this error on a new computer. The reasons are mentioned below.

Solutions for Unlicensed message:

An office program comes as a trial version for any new computer. It is pre-installed by the manufacturers, it requires further activation procedure.

You can purchase it from the store or buy it online. The foremost thing you can check here is to see the invoice if you have already purchased office program. If that is the case, then you need to open office.com/setup link and enter your product key to setup your account first.

The product key once done with setup is now ready to use. You can download it from your Microsoft account and install it. If you have not purchased it before, you can request the technicians available here on chat to help you with the purchase of a new product key for office program.

You can discuss your requirements with the technicians and opt for the best products suitable for your computer.

Unlicensed in Office

It is not mandatory to purchase a full office sometimes, you can also choose the applications required for your uses. In general, documents like word programs are the basic things that you use for drafting. Your documents fail to work if it shows unlicensed error message on the top of it.

The unlicensed message also appears on excel sheets and outlook programs and also the power point presentations. It is because all these programs are linked to the same office suite installed on your computer.

If you find some of the applications are not showing this error messages, then you can talk to the techs and ask them to check your computer for this unlicensed error messages issues.

They can verify your account and mention the correct keys and make them to work.


If you still need more assist please initiate chat with us for Tech Support.

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