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Outlook Unlicensed Product and activation errors :

Sometimes an undesired message in the form of Non-Commercial use, or Unlicensed Product appears in the Office 365 apps title bar and Outlook. It indicates that your product needs the restoration of all the existing features, thus you are required to sort out the problem which causes the activation failure.

How to fix out an unlicensed Product Activation Error?

Step1. Signing in the Office with the exact Account

If you have purchased Office with different email addresses, then you need to sign in by trying out with all of them. If you have activated office for your institution, or business then provide the official email which was earlier used for the acquiring.

The wrong email address shows the message, “We couldn’t find any Office products.”

Step2. Carefully investigate for the multiple copies of Office in your PC.

You might be unaware of the installation of more than one copy in your device. This give rises to activation disputes. If you find out another copy, follow the following steps.

  • From Control Panel choose Programs, and Features.
  • Select the Office, then tap on Uninstall.
  • Restart your Computer.
  • Open the Outlook, and then login.

Step3. Check the Subscription Status

An important point here is the subscription expiry date, in this case also, the “ We couldn’t find any Office products.” message will pop up.

Next, follow the steps below

  • First of all close all the working Office apps.
  • Open Services, and Subscriptions Page.
  • Tap on the Sign in , write the Email address, and password which you had earlier entered in Microsoft Account.
  • Checkout your subscription expiry under Subscription or Cancelled subscription heading. Renew the subscription if it is expired.
  • Finally,Restart your Outlook.

Thus, the correct account and an active subscription would definitely solve your issue.

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