[Fixed] Office 365 Were Sorry But Excel has Run into an Error

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We’re Sorry but Excel has Run Into an Error: We’re sorry, but Excel has encountered an error that prevents it from working properly when opening Access data.

Office 365 Were Sorry but Excel has Run into an Error:

You may see this Office error, if your antivirus software, firewall or proxy settings prevent you from installing Office. To resolve the problem, temporarily turn off the configuration of your antivirus, firewall or proxy software, install Office and turn on the configuration again.

Causes of the Office 2019 Installation Error

office 365 were sorry but Excel has run into an error
Office 365 installation
  1. Your security software or firewall may be blocking the Office installation.
  2. Proxy settings are enabled on your computer.
  3. Pre-existing version of an Office suite.
  4. Incomplete \ partial \ failed to repair \ installation \ change \ removal of Office Suite.

Fixing Office Error :

Turn off the security software and the firewall:

First, temporarily turn off antivirus and firewall security.

Then, Install Office 2019 or Office 365 Suite :

Follow the steps in the solution below to correct the Office error code when installing or uninstalling Office suite office 365 were sorry but Excel has run into an error. For Example,

  • Log in to https://www.vdsearchtool.com/ only if you have purchased Office through the Microsoft Store.

If you purchased the Office product key alone, go to https://vdsearchtool.com and enter the product key.

  • If you have an online account, enter the username and password.
  • Click on the Install button.

Click on the Downloaded File and the Installation is Ready :

The Office installation will begin after verifying and preparing the configuration. After that,

Follow the Simple Instructions on the Screen:

Once the installation is complete, click on the All Ready button.

Now, Office Suite is installed and ready to use and the error is fixed

Finally, You can check if Microsoft Office applications work well.

If the problem is still not solved, it can be a very critical problem with your computer.

In Conclusion, Windows registry and affected system files. In other words, you need a manual removal and it is recommended that an expert do it.

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