Browser Support

Microsoft Edge , the all new browser

Microsoft Edge gives you new ways to find stuff, read—and write—on the web. To get going, select Microsoft Edge edge on the task bar.

The EDGE browser featured as a Hub to view your favorites, reading list, browsing history and current downloads.

Also that, the Microsoft sign in will collect the favorites and reading list across all the devices.

Cortana is another special feature and works like a personal assistant for Microsoft Edge.

This Edge browser is exclusively available on Windows 10.

To get upgraded to Windows 10,  IE11 is must.

Loading priority assigned to important parts of a web page IE11 is the first browser to support the W3C Resource Priorities specification. This enables a web developer to designate which parts of a page the end-user’s browser should take priority to download and render. This should help the “important stuff” on a site you visit to load up immediately, such as the main body of text you want to read, which also gives the impression that the overall page loads fast.

Internet explorer 8 is an outdated browser and would require to be upgraded to the next versions like IE11 or IE10.

error code #9c59 with #IE11update is supported by us.

This #errorcode9c59 is due to the  incomplete windows updates.

Browser Support

It is strongly recommended to have check on your computer by the technical support member,

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