[Fixed] How to Solve Outlook Calendar Sync Problems

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Outlook calendar sync is a procedure to update your local computer calendar with your web accounts.

Outlook calendar is used to book appointments and it notifies you as per the given schedules. There are one time and recurring features to schedule your appointments.
outlook calendar

The best ways to use this calendar as followed:

  • There may be appointments with a Doctor,Business appointments, monthly payments, Birthdays, Festivals and other kind of stuff to easily remember these activities.
  • Outlook Calendar assists you to set the priority, share the appointments, group the calendars from different accounts.
  • Outlook Calendar provides you to color the schedules to easily identify the priority.

Let us Understand a few Issues with the Outlook Calendar Synchronization Process :

  1. Issues may occur if there is a wrong system date and time.
  2. Secondly there can be issues related to addins.
  3. Issues with wrong configuration on Outlook calendar.
  4. There can be issues with incomplete calendar data import and export process from old outlook.
  5. Sync issues can also happen due to internet connectivity issues.
  6. Updates failure and security programs are also some of the issues.

It is helpful if the logging is enabled in outlook to check connectivity related issues.

Troubleshooting Outlook logging

For instance, Microsoft provides unified and stay connected features with latest Office 2016 and 365 programs. Calendar remains common on all your devices when it stays connected and synchronized correctly.

In addition, Outlook search is an advanced feature on calendar. The search results will be displayed in a listed table format.

In other words, sync issues are display on the status bar on the bottom of Outlook. Meanwhile, If there is a problem with Calendar sync process, there should be a problem with Outlook Mail folders as well.


Outlook calendar can be exported in the form of PST format or comma separated values so,

calendar export

Outlook search function is similar to emails and you can search and delete unwanted appointments.

In Conclusion,

It makes easier for you to organize your calendar. The exported files should be backed up to the recent time if you want to transfer to another outlook program.

Outlook Calendar Sync

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