Error Code 0x85050041

Error Code 0x85050041

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error code 0x85050041

Error Code 0x85050041

You might get this error 0x85050041  when attempting to sync outlook on windows 10.

User response on Error 0x85050041 :

I have been successfully using the mail app on my surface for almost a year. Yesterday it failed with an error message 0x85050041. Outlook mail is working as is the mail function accessed through the web browser. Can you advise as how to repair the mail application. I also suspect my calendar application is also not working properly.

Best Solution for Error Code 0x85050041:

1. Click on the File tab (which is the first tab in Outlook appearing in the top left-hand corner of Outlook 2016) > Account Settings > Account Settings drop-down button > Double-click on the concerned IMAP email account > Click on the More Settings button > Click on the Advanced tab.
2. Check under Folders, if the Root folder path box is empty or filled-in.
3. If the box is empty please type the word Inbox and then click on Apply and/or OK at the bottom of the box to save the settings.

Close the Account Settings box returning to the main Outlook 2016 window. Close Outlook 2016 and restart Outlook 2016 again. Outlook 2016 may now re-sync your IMAP account completely. So allow it to complete the synchronization (it may take a few minutes or an hour or even a few hours to complete, depending upon the number of emails in your IMAP account). This is similar to the initial sync during account setup.

Support for Synchronization Error Code 0x85050041 :

If the issue (Error Code 0x85050041) persists after performing above steps,

There might be an issue with system registry settings , configuration files or temporary files.

It is strongly recommended to have check on your computer by the technical support member,

Click on Chat box below to Initiate the chat with our Technical Expert.

After fixing the registry, a quick scan with anti-malware tool will ensure that your PC has no more problems!

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