Windows Repair Without Reformatting

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Method 1: Repair Windows Even If You Can’t Get To Your Desktop

The method will allow you to repair corrupt system files, even if the problem is so severe that you can’t boot all the way to your desktop. In this method, you’ll need a Windows installation DVD, so track down yours or borrow one from a friend—it doesn’t matter if the DVD’s version matches your license, as long as it’s the correct bit count.

Step 1: Insert the Install Disc and Reboot

If your system won’t boot into Windows, you’ll need to boot from somewhere else—in this case, the installation DVD. Your computer should be set up to boot from your optical drive before your hard drive, but if it’s not, you can always change the boot priority in the BIOS. When the system starts up, make sure you press a key when prompted to boot from the Windows installation disc. When you do, you’ll see the familiar Windows installation language-selection screen (image below).

Insert the Disk and keep Tapping F8 <function ket>, you will see the Boot options.

select Windows Repair, it will take you to a screen to select your language.

Windows Repair

Select the language and Keyboard as per your locality.

Then continue to see System Recovery Options

Windows RepairSelect Command Prompt

sfc /scannow /offbootdir=[DRIVELETTER]:\ /offwindir=[DRIVELETTER]:\windows

Substitute the drive letter you noted earlier for [DRIVELETTER]. There should be no square brackets in the command (image below).


Windows will now attempt to find and repair any errors in your system files. If the scan finds errors, you may need to repeat the steps in this guide until it finds no more errors. To restart your computer, enter the exit command, then click the Restart button. When you’re ready to try booting into Windows again, remove the install disc and restart one final time.

It is strongly recommended to have check on your computer by the technical support member,

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Windows  Repair Without Reformatting