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Live Assist solutions  provide you answers for all Microsoft products like Microsoft Office installation issues, Windows updates issues, Windows upgradation issues, Security related issues and Mailing client issues.

How we operate?

Our Expert Tech Support base provides you Remote IT Support where our technicians will take the control of your computer under your supervision and resolve the issues pertaining to your computer.


We would take prior security measure while accessing your computer. Our tech would create a system restore point where we can revert back the settings of your computer if something goes wrong while troubleshooting your computer. We provide assured support and a guaranteed solutions unless your computer has any conditional issues.


Out of Scope

We have Expert Tech Support | Remote IT Support management solution where our experts do provide you a solution or an alternate for any kind of issues we address. Hence our clients trust us as we don’t provide any Out of scope resolution leaving the customer in a dilemma about the solution.

Advertising partners and other third parties may also refer you to our Microsoft Support chat based on the confidence we gained from them. Such tracking is done directly by the third parties through their own servers and is subject to their own privacy policies..

Controlling Your Privacy

Note that you will be provided with an information where to disconnect our Remote Chat support session abruptly for any privacy issues. However we respect your privacy and don’t access any personal information of the users.

Microsoft Support chat recognizes that to deliver solutions that meet your satisfaction, technical proficiency alone just isn’t enough. So we focus on our Customer feedback survey and how they rate our technicians, and we bring you not only expert solutions, but look forward for a long-term relationship that helps you to reach our support with a trust on us.



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