Run DLL Error Message

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Run DLL Error Message/background container.dll

RunDLL is a legitimate Windows file that loads or executes .dll modules which are required for hardware driver linking libraries.

The Driver Linking Libraries are not necessarily to be legit as they are provided by different manufacturers to handle their products.

So there are chances of getting malware related DLL’s which may enact your computer software to get corrupted if one downloads an unreliable drivers software or from untrusted portals.

Some incompatible drivers can also cause different load errors during Windows loading which might apparently result in blue screen errors.

So the basic error which states RunDLL error saying it couldn’t load files is due to the removal of those programs with some antivirus or anti malware scans.

There are drivers which may be common for multiple devices. With a force removal of these scan results.

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How to fix run DLL Error message :

The RunDLL error can be resolved by removing or uninstalling the incompatible driver software and re-installing the correct driver software.

The malware disinfection is considered to be another reason behind this issue. The mentioned search keyword related programs can be attempted to remove from the installed programs and features .

Conduit is one of the potential unwanted program which usually tracks the search history of the users and will populate the paid spam advertising on the browsers.

It can also be noted to disable the extensions and unwanted add-ins on the browser. This will stop the advertising temporarily and will at least help you in browsing without ads.

The hijackers are only interested to steal the personal account information and financial details.

The browser hijacks should be sorted out with the assistance of a technician.

Run DLL error message

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